實驗短片 Experimental Short Film

21’16” / 2017

Hours pass in Taipei. A middle-age women Shu-Chuan has her normal days in the capital city of the small island Taiwan. She has beliefs, goals and affections but she is still moving from where she was and what she saw in the global cities of tomorrow.Taipei Hours is part documentary, part portraiture, part tour and part dream.Shu-Chuan re-enacts the hours that help construct an experience of Taiwan society and culture. And the way Taiwanese are educated and socially shaped. We try to live in a state of suspense. 





實驗短片 Experimental Short Film

25”20 / 2015 -

<The ordinary love> is a story about Taiwanese immigrants who live in Chicago. The video splits into two parts. One is an reenactment soap-opera of a girl’s story acted out by different Taiwanese immigrants that were international students 30 years ago and is directed by current U.S. international students. The other part is an interview of the actors and the play’s crews’ life and memories, especially, their family relations and their idealized vision of what home is.



AM 4:00


實驗短片 Experimental Short Film

04”11 / 2013

One sleepless night around 4:00am, I reminded the conversation happened earlier in my junior high art class 15-years reunion. It is about the suicide of our vice-advisor, who committed it in an extreme way few weeks ago. The glimpse of unconscious in-between the sleep “now” and the memory and the whisper came together, weaving a “me” which nobody will know who she is.

中學美術班的副導師在十多年後某天凌晨四點以極端的方式自縊了,之前同學會間眾人耳語討論了事件。但是在這一個失眠之夜、凌晨四點閃現的回憶裡,兩個現實重疊似乎的毫不相干。意識朦朧間,辨識現實的能力急速下降,我們要怎麼認識自身以外的其他人事物? 以往的足跡與所見所聞和正在流逝的當下正組合出什麼樣的自我?